Ugo Pagliaro
Ugo Pagliaro was Born in 1962 in Cosenza, Italy.
In 1989 earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture with a 110 mark and excellence acknowledgement, with Alessandro Anselmi as tutor. Since then starts teaching the subject “Architecture Composition by Alessandro Anselmi” for the Architecture Undergraduate Programme at Reggio Calabria University.

In 1990 opens his own studio in the city of Amantea and begins his research on space concept in architecture and painting. The participation in different architecture and painting contests (including the Venice Biennial in 1990 and 2000) has led him to obtain several awards: in 1983 was second place at National Architecture Contest “A Square for Amantea”; in 1990 together with A.Anselmi, were awarded for the S.Elia Mountain Reconstruction Project at Palmi; in 1992 was awarded by Bruno Zevi for his  project “Rome East Headquarters”, and the same year received the “1992 Art Prize” from Floriano Bodini, Renato Olivieri, Elena Pontiggia, Rinaldo Rotta e Roberto Sanesi, contest sponsored by Mondadori Editions; in 1993 obtained the “United Europe 1993 Award” at Sassari and still the same year, got the first place at the  “Cosmè Turà Art Contest” in Ferrara. In 1999 got the recognition for his project on urban re- qualification for both, Corso Garibaldi and Via Roma, at Castrovillari; awarded with the  “2003 Pisa Prize”.  His works appears on different magazines and publications, among them to remember in 1991 the “5th Architecture International Show Catalogue, Venice Biennial”, published by Electa Editions (Milan), and also, in 1993 on the Paolo Levi’s book “Colour and its space” published by Mondadori Editions. In 1997 obtained the master degree in Architectonic Design Research at Palermo University. From 1998 to 2003 worked as teacher in the Architecture Department of Reggio Calabria University. He’s currently teaching the Geometrical Design at the “Piero Della Francesca Art Institute” in the city of Arezzo.

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